Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 17: Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Grand Opening!

For those of you who'll be in Ann Arbor on May 17th at 7 p.m. check this out:
THE LIBERTY STREET ROBOT SUPPLY & REPAIR (sweet name, huh?) WILL OPEN ON SATURDAY, MAY 17, AT 7PM. Not only will we have Robopanda (which is, yes, EXACTLY as cool as it sounds), Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, and Mega Mech (a four-foot inflatable robot), we’ll also have emotion upgrades, robot first aid kits, positronic brains, the Is Your Little Sister a Robot Test Kit, and a product we like to call Robot Party Hat/Toupee.

So mark your calendars, and please join us at 7pm on Saturday, May 17 for a robot dance off, a puppet show (involving robots), and a bunch of other cool stuff. Including, as far as we know, being at the first-ever opening of the planet’s first-ever robot supply and repair store.

And how about a robot poem to mark the upcoming occasion?

Robot Crusades

Let’s accept the fact that among us
there are likely robots jellying their toast,
dislodging the ice from their windshields,
straining over the toilet in a thoroughly
“authentic” and “humanoid” manner.
My advice is to carry a penknife
and when you suspect someone
of robothood (a tic, a nuance, gives
him away), jab spryly with the knife.
Should you be wrong, a feather of blood
will appear; the wound will heal.
But should you be right (admittedly
it happens less often), you’ll have won
an important victory for our side.
(Dan Pinkerton, from the Fall 2007 issue of Willow Springs)

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