Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monkey Love

A while back I posted a link to a story about monkeys exchanging sex for grooming. Well, an editorial in today's Baltimore Sun finds the whole idea that monkeys may be acting out the world's oldest profession, well, insulting. Especially when juxtaposed next to this whole Valentine's Day thing where folks buy gifts for people they'd like to sleep with. Or people they love in a totally unromantic, totally legal way (for example, my parents both gave me Valentine's day cards. One had money in it, one did not. But it's the thought that counts).

One thing I think BOTH the scientists and the editorialist are missing however, is the idea of foreplay. Could it be that getting nits picked out of your hair just plain feels good and gets the lady monkey in the mood? If I had nits I would totally want my wife to go through my hair on the prowl for them. Thankfully I don't, but I still love a good scalp massage.

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