Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Making "massively violent love" with Karyna McGlynn

Okay, before the rumors start, I have not actually ever "made massively violent love" with or to Karyna McGlynn despite what she wrote inside my copy of her new chapbook Scorpionica. I had her sign it after her reading at Shaman Drum on the 18th. It was a fantastic reading - very, um, colorful, especially the work she read from her upcoming chapbook Alabama Steve. Let's just say that having Karyna read in the children's book section (which is where readings at the Drum are by default) was the definition of irreverent, but in a good way.

I haven't been able to read Scorpionica in its entirety yet, but the poems she read from it were awesome, some of them poems that she workshopped last year when we were in workshop together. It was very exciting to see them all grown up, so to speak. I highly recommend picking a copy of Scorpionica, which is out via New Michigan Press and Alabama Steve which will be out via Destructible Heart Press soon.

Oh, and a poem from Scorpionica was featured on Verse Daily a couple days ago.

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