Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sadness Never Ending by Ryan Adams

I'm a big fan of Ryan Adams. His music, anyway. I could not finish Infinity Blues, his collection of poetry. The title of the book, however, is very appropriate: "Infinity" because the book is over 280 pages long, and "Blues" because of how much I wanted to like it but sadly don't. In this light, the fact that the last two lines of the last poem appear by themselves on the last page of the book is also appropriate: "and / disappointment."

That said, considering his gift for song writing, I have no doubt that many of his poems that come across as rambling, half-hearted, and self-important on paper would work very well as song lyrics.

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(Laura) said...

I couldn't even stand the intro he wrote to the new Merge Records book. So I'd probably hate this even more. Speaking of things I am pretty sure I'd hate, have you heard his new metal album yet?