Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This American Life's chimp retirement segment

Thank you to my friend Meghan for bringing this particular episode of This American Life to my attention. It is a program I love and often listen to but I had not yet heard act three of Episide 350: Almost Human Resources:

"Reporter Charles Siebert talks with Ira about retirement homes for Chimpanzees. Yes, retirement homes for Chimpanzees. There are thousands of aging chimps in the US: retired chimp actors, ex-research subjects, abandoned pets. They can't be put back in the wild since they don't know how to survive there. Charles Siebert visited many of the facilities where they're housed, often in rooms, with TV's and 3 meals a day. He's writing a book about his experiences called Humanzee."
Check it out.

In related news, while I was looking for a picture of a chimp to use with this post I stumbled upon another monkey related blog called I Just Love Monkeys. I'm not endorsing it as I haven't looked at it very closely, but there are plenty of photos and videos worth checking out should you need more of a monkey fix than Touched By A Monkey provides you. :)

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