Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm at AWP

I'm at AWP in New York this weekend. I saw Yusef Komunyakaa and Sharon Olds read today and it was quite good. Olds read a couple of my favorite poems as well as some new stuff which I wasn't as crazy about (though it might have been the subject matter: tampons and poo, though not in the same poem, thankfully).

I had a lovely discussion about Jesus and butts with the poetry editor of Hayden's Ferry Review. Unfortunately I didn't get her name and there is more than one editor on the journal's masthead. So it was either Meghan Brinson or Iliana Rocha, though I am fairly certain it was Iliana Rocha since I used my Nancy Drew skills and found a picture of Brinson online and it doesn't look like the woman I spoke with. Way to network!

I won't be posting much since this is the only time I'll have computer access. I will have lots to post afterwards though, so stay tuned.

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